Introducing Afro Beat Tape by Dale Virgo, a captivating musical collection fusing Dancehall and Afrobeat influences, designed for diverse audiences. Whether you seek music without vocals, need inspiring beats for songwriting, or desire musical context for films, this tape delivers. Dale’s masterful production blends infectious rhythms and enchanting melodies, providing an enjoyable listening experience for all. From music enthusiasts to creators, Afro Beat Tape invites you on a rhythmic journey, where every beat speaks a universal language of joy, unity, and artistic expression. #AfroBeatTape #DaleVirgo #NewMusic #AfroCaribbean #Dancehall #Afrobeat


🎵🎶 Want to use our instrumentals from the Afro Beat Tape Vol. 1? 🌟🎧 Inquire about licensing by sending a direct message or email to with the subject “Instrumental Inquiry.” Specify the track(s) and project purpose. Include project details, audience, platform, and deadlines. We’ll provide all the info and pricing options for our high-quality instrumentals. Let’s create incredible music together! 🎶💫 #AfroBeatTape #DaleVirgo #InstrumentalLicensing #MusicForProjects #DZLRecords


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